Change is good

Lots of change this year from living situation, to a new phone, 2017 seems brand new still. I won’t get into all the details of how 2017 is different, but I will remind you why change is good. Steve Wozniak preaches “Change is good” especially when it comes to technology, but in general I find […]

The Clintons are Back – SNL gold

I drafted this post a while ago, but never published it not sure why. It’s pretty funny, regardless who you’re rooting for this election. At the time and even now, SNL is transitioning. here is what I wrote back when this aired. from April 2015. haha so snl has been, lets just say, “going through […]

Salesforce OAuth Node.js Redis and JSON Web Tokens – keeping active sfdc users oauth info in redis for an app with short session

Refurbished Post: I’ve been building lately, at work and recently a little on a Sunday. I’ve mostly been building javascript apps that use Salesforce’s rest api. It’s been fun, Salesforce has a lot to offer. Pretty much all the fun in building with SFDC comes from an authorized Salesforce user, and lucky for us, Salesforce […]

Oregon Coast in the Fall

The Oregon coast is a pretty neat coast. It’s much different from California, and most of the time, you need your rain gear. Something about it is really attractive to me. The scenery is neat, the weather is harsh, and the houses are cheap. Someday I hope to buy a shack there. My main love […]

Marin County Bass Fishing

I’ve always been into fishing, but I have definitely taken some breaks, some longer than others. I fished a lot with my grandpa, Gramp, he was a pro at fishing. He passed when I was in the 5th grade, and I fished a lot less since then. My brother got into fly fishing right after […]

Deschutes Salmon Fly Hatch 2016

Ahhh, it’s that time. Dry fly fishing is here on the Deschutes. I switched over from having my 5 switch rigged with jimmy legs and a small copper john and my 5 rigged with some soft hackle (sometimes a small dry) to both rods rigged with big foam drys. Always having one chubby chernobyl, sometimes […]

Org Limits – nice small salesforce package

So a very cool employee/co-worker at SFDC published a repo on github of a nice visualforce page that shows the current org usage compared to the limits in nice gauge like graphs. I really liked it and thought others might want to use it too, but might not want to deploy the code. So I […]

Long, but needed new post!

So, first off Happy Leap Day!! It’s been a while since I posted on the blog last, and although I haven’t forgot, I really haven’t had much to post on. It’s probably because I have been less busy working at school and more busy working adapting to the professional life. Short story: I left Eugene, […]