Org Limits – nice small salesforce package

So a very cool employee/co-worker at SFDC published a repo on github of a nice visualforce page that shows the current org usage compared to the limits in nice gauge like graphs. I really liked it and thought others might want to use it too, but might not want to deploy the code. So I […]

Research at U of O

A week or so ago I was asked to submit an abstract. Having never done so before I googled the structure followed what I found. My first drafted ended up to be way over the 250 work limit, but I like what I wrote because it helps explain my efforts in research at the University […]

San Diego Fishermen Web Project v0

So my good friend and college fishing pal spoke to me a few months back about starting his own commercial fishing business down in San Diego. I loved the idea, and his pitch made it even better. He is after restaurants, and wants to deliver the freshest fish to them in a local sustainable manner. […]