New Apple Products Thoughts

Today Apple released some new things, more specs on the iWatch, a new macbook, and some other cool things I won’t talk about. While I don’t wana say much about the watch because I believe it will be a very cool piece of engineering and I want to wait to try it myself, I have […]

Fun Fact on LED and Digital Signals

For those of you that are like me, pretty bad with technology, but strangley addicted to learning about it, you might be interested in this. LED’s are cool lights and some may have noticed their ability to dim, as some electronics dim leds to show they are low battery, or asleep. To get the LED’s […]

New Host, New Post

Okay so up until this post, all other posts were published from a server I ran at home. I got an older machine from my dad and wanted to play around with linux and ubuntu. After a year or more of that I turned it to primarily my personal web server, to use to host […]

Calculator for sale

UPDATE——SOLD I sold the calculator yesterday. It was easy money lying around the apartment. I do however I could have got more. I sold it for 50, pretty responsible, they started around 130, and trickled down to around 80 bucks new now a days. Anyway I sold it to a fellow in a BMW m3, […]


Okay, It’s 2015 now, and it’s gonna be a big year. Callin’ it! haha well, we will see.. I am going to blog in 2015.  I had made a few post’s in 2014, but this year I will make a lot more, and I am still not convinced why?  There are many things that compel me to […]