Eminem – The Only Rap God

Okay so first off, I wanna squeeze this in this post, I just finished my last class at the University of Oregon. I am stoked!! took a bit, but I can finally head home and knock off the last of of it in the place I love most, the bay area. Okay thats enough.. This […]

Jungle – Another YES in the world of new music

Jungle has been out and flourishing for a little bit now. A friend of mine (whose an awesome musician) turned me onto Jungle in back in August and I have been bumpin’ ever since. They two songs he showed me were great, especially with the music video to watch too. So to convince yall, I […]

BreakBot – By Your Side

This album rocks, in all its own ways. I fell in love with BreakBot when heard “Baby I’m Yours” they burst with funky retro electronic vibes that nail the sound I look for so much in music these days. They integrate bass, guitar, and other real instruments with an analog synth and electronic drum beat […]