Salesforce OAuth Node.js Redis and JSON Web Tokens – keeping active sfdc users oauth info in redis for an app with short session

Refurbished Post: I’ve been building lately, at work and recently a little on a Sunday. I’ve mostly been building javascript apps that use Salesforce’s rest api. It’s been fun, Salesforce has a lot to offer. Pretty much all the fun in building with SFDC comes from an authorized Salesforce user, and lucky for us, Salesforce […]

Long, but needed new post!

So, first off Happy Leap Day!! It’s been a while since I posted on the blog last, and although I haven’t forgot, I really haven’t had much to post on. It’s probably because I have been less busy working at school and more busy working adapting to the professional life. Short story: I left Eugene, […]

New Apple Products Thoughts

Today Apple released some new things, more specs on the iWatch, a new macbook, and some other cool things I won’t talk about. While I don’t wana say much about the watch because I believe it will be a very cool piece of engineering and I want to wait to try it myself, I have […]

Fun Fact on LED and Digital Signals

For those of you that are like me, pretty bad with technology, but strangley addicted to learning about it, you might be interested in this. LED’s are cool lights and some may have noticed their ability to dim, as some electronics dim leds to show they are low battery, or asleep. To get the LED’s […]

Intel at CES with drones

So I started watching Intel a lot more since they were at CES last year and reveled the Edison, I posted about it here.  It was pretty cool, and I even saw it at U of O when the creator came to show it off.  His name is Michael McCool, I think he is friends with […]

Arduino Yun – First Thoughts

Hello people, today we are talking about the arduino yun.  It seems that 2014 is the year for the microcontroller, microcomputer, and wifi to all have an orgy.  The three are becoming a must have for hobbyists and people would love an all in one board that is small, and the companies have caught on. […]

Intel’s Edison

A week or two ago I got an email from someone at the computer information science department at university of oregon telling all students that intel was coming to show off their new product called the Edison.  My first reaction was, shouldn’t they be showing it off to someone who buys more hardware, like sony, […]