New Host, New Post

Okay so up until this post, all other posts were published from a server I ran at home. I got an older machine from my dad and wanted to play around with linux and ubuntu. After a year or more of that I turned it to primarily my personal web server, to use to host […]

Calculator for sale

UPDATE——SOLD I sold the calculator yesterday. It was easy money lying around the apartment. I do however I could have got more. I sold it for 50, pretty responsible, they started around 130, and trickled down to around 80 bucks new now a days. Anyway I sold it to a fellow in a BMW m3, […]

2014 Only Salmon

Alright this is going to be short and brief, since it happened a few months ago, and it’s old news.. I caught a nice Coho on the coast, as you can see below. That bad boy was caught in the fall on the florence Jetty, first fish I caught on my new Cabelas/Penn 10 foot […]

Intel at CES with drones

So I started watching Intel a lot more since they were at CES last year and reveled the Edison, I posted about it here.  It was pretty cool, and I even saw it at U of O when the creator came to show it off.  His name is Michael McCool, I think he is friends with […]

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta PRECLUDE

So this new years my mom and dad took my brother, his girlfriend and I to Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  It was pretty sweet.  I knew it’s fishy down there and I definitely wanted to bring a rod.  I was going to bring my Salmon rod, a nice surf rod, but I wanted to bring a […]


Okay, It’s 2015 now, and it’s gonna be a big year. Callin’ it! haha well, we will see.. I am going to blog in 2015.  I had made a few post’s in 2014, but this year I will make a lot more, and I am still not convinced why?  There are many things that compel me to […]