It’s 2015 now, and it’s gonna be a big year. Callin’ it! haha well, we will see..

I am going to blog in 2015.  I had made a few post’s in 2014, but this year I will make a lot more, and I am still not convinced why?  There are many things that compel me to write and share my thoughts, but there always lurks the self caution one gets when they put themselves “on the line”.  It is something that almost everyone is aware of more than ever before, but only some choose to participate.  These days social media is a giant, and practically dictates the news that spews out the mouth’s of most people my age.  It does much more than just that, but I find that to be one of the most interesting things about it.  I really define social media as much more than just Facebook or Twitter, but more focused on the content that has been generated by the ability to rapidly share information using the internet from all sorts of devices.  The main point is that it is here, and it will stay.. at least for the next 5 years.  My view on it is this great, I embrace with open arms.  As a kid I was raised with Myspace, then Facebook.  In college I got Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  And more recently I have been using my google plus account (everyone with gmail has one)  a lot, which is kinda my favorite right now, but WordPress is cool too!  All forms of social media are great in my mind because it creates change.  Change is always good! It was good early on, like for the US to part from Britain, and it has been good more recently, like electricity or even the telephone.  But even more recently people discuss if the change computers are making are best for us (humans), and I must speak out that it is good.  Whether it is the aspect of social media, or the constant presence of a complicated device you do not like, this change computers is making should be welcomed and embraced, which I really think it is.  People love it and it is pretty cool!  That might be why they post so much in social media? I am not sure, but in my case it definitely plays a roll.  I like technology a lot, and I see lots of technical blogs on the internet, and I think cool, s/he just helped me out, thanks! All because of technology. My other motive for posting on a blog is to share knowledge of other sports, skills, hobbies, and more and simply for my own record.  I figure the model the technical blog that teaches and shares could be applied across most fields.  I doubt many people will see this, but just incase for whatever reason, I think I will post more in 2015.  It is also fun maintaining a web server.