Griggs and his epic battle with a Jack Crevalle on the beach in front of our hotel in PV Mexico

This fight was so epic it gets its own post.

So it all started on the last morning, we planned to fish in the morning, get lunch near the hotel, then fly out. We had a late flight so it was kinda nice not to have to rush out of the vacation spot.  We got up early, and in a half daze grabbed our fishing stuff and walked to the beach.  We were up before the sun.  When we got to the beach, the tide was high and waves rougher tan usual, which are both decent tell tails that larger fish could be in these shallow waters.  I took sometime to rig up while my brother was ready and got after it.  After 5 minutes I was in the water fishing.  5 minutes after I started fishing we both had no bites, but there had been lots of birds and some fish action on the water and both Griggs and I had a serious look on our face.  About 11 minutes had gone by, and suddenly my brother looks over and says hastily, “I’m on..”.  I quickly saw his rod was bent and he had a monster on.  I put my rod down near my mom on a beach chair from our hotel and ran over to him.  He was excited, and I watched him battle.  He really got his ass kicked at some points.  The fish immediately took him to backing and he almost was screwed.  But he gave him hell and landed the beaut!  It was a Jack Crevalle and in my opinion a pretty sweet one to get on the fly rod, specifically a 9 weight.  It probably was the largest one we caught that trip, and he did it from the beach in front of our hotel on a fly rod, that was sweet.  It was such a blast just watching.  Anyways check out the video, my mom caught the last bit for us.  The fight was around 10 minutes maybe a bit more.  He was a feisty one, but what a good way to end the trip!

Cheers and fish & travel