2014 Only Salmon

Alright this is going to be short and brief, since it happened a few months ago, and it’s old news..

I caught a nice Coho on the coast, as you can see below. That bad boy was caught in the fall on the florence Jetty, first fish I caught on my new Cabelas/Penn 10 foot surf rod. Caught with a pink blue fox 6.

salmon chop


Salmon poke..


It sure was tasty.. It’s funny fishing there, you are basically fishing a highway of salmon. Every so often a school comes through and you see around 4 people hook up on the bank you are fishing. Some times it’s frustrating b/c you won’t get a bite but you could watch 10 – 15 salmon get picked off by neighbor fishermen. Other times you are more fortunate. This was a fortunate time. I only fished this day for around 15 minutes. You have to pay your dues for this to happen, and believe me, I have paid my dues chasing Salmon and Steelhead in Oregon, you just won’t ever see me post about it :)