New Host, New Post

Okay so up until this post, all other posts were published from a server I ran at home. I got an older machine from my dad and wanted to play around with linux and ubuntu. After a year or more of that I turned it to primarily my personal web server, to use to host a blog, host practice project, and not worry much about because I had no problem reloading new os’s and mainly trying new thing with the machine. It is great for what I like to do at the moment, but comcast is difficult to use as an isp as a student in college, so I finally coughed up the dough and got a real host. I only got a vm, but I got it with a cool company that makes it easy to upgrade to renting a specific machine of your choice where you have root access and the support and comfort of a proper server room, as well as the service of upgrading hardware, which is really nice considering how fast technology improves. Anyways I have Piotr from 1bitsquared and the CAES lab thank for the info on root machine access. I personally really like it as a solution to for those who wish to hose a few different smaller projects and learn and experiment about/with a web server. Well I am happy to be with pros. It is also nice to have a phone line to call 24/7, and the people are pretty good. I have lots to learn in this area and need to bug someone haha.

Well Cheers all and one last note on the Ducks:
They are one hell of a team and it was awesome to watch everyone at U of O get into it. Too bad about the loss, but this program is determined. This was the second “Natty” (I always think natural light) was a student for, and this one seemed a lot more legit than the rest, even though we lost both. The last one we really got blown out, but this time it was a pretty good game, up until around the mid 3rd quarter. The main point I want to make though is that Mariota is pretty sweet, and I wanna see him succeed in the NFL. I think he brought some great values and skills to the team, and I hope they stick around. Good luck, and glad you were a duck!

cheer yall
don’t get too mad over just a football game