First day back at Bachy

Well after much uncertainty, I finally got back to skiing this winter 14/15, and wow it is fun!
I first was uncertain if I was going to be in Oregon this winter, and then had a few confusions planning trips to bend, but I finally made it back, and it turned out to be a pretty good day to ski. After frustration from missing out on earlier pow, I got to talking with my good friend and shred buddy Josh and set a sure weekend to ski, MLK weekend. The forecast when we made the plan was bad, I am pretty sure nothing was forecasted. A few days before we left I checked the conditions and saw it might rain! “Oh, well” I thought, I just need to ski again, that will be liberating enough. The night before I checked again, conditions got colder and the rain was now looking like snow. I suddenly got pretty excited. This was all at about 10pm the night before we were going to leave. The plan was leave Thursday night after work and a climb, get in before the heat of the storm, and wake up closer and more ready to ski. It all went to plan and was a great way to get back into skiing. I was mentally and physically really ready, and I was really rewarded with the skiing. First off, we had a clean 10″ and more on windblown sides that made for a lot of fun. Secondly, I was able to ski with some great friends. There were some reminiscent’s of my regular crew of friends I usually ski with, but I also was able to meet up with some new friends I met over the summer at my temporary living spot called “The Barn” and ski with them (something we talked about all summer). It was especially nice because we all kept up with each other good, and had a great pace as a group. That is basically what I am looking for to ski with. It is hard to get a group of people all able to follow and not get lost at a hurry up pace on the mountain to ski with. It really just takes strong skiers, strong trust, and strong knowledge of the mountain. The combination of the three qualities in a skier are skills that are hard to teach and take many years to perfect, but when they are functioning correctly, they sculpt extremely valuable people to ski around. Anywho, thats my two cents in this post. Skiing is great, and already got to do it once this year! Work hard, play harder, party occasionally..

ahh forgot to post this draft, waited on photos, but no success yet..