New Category: Travel

Alright so I added another section to the blog, Travel. This category will cover previous travel tips I have learned, reviews on places I have been, and mainly plans for future travels. I love to travel and always get ideas to visit interesting places and figure the blog would be a good place to journal about it. That way if anyone does read this blog, and this post or a travel post, they might have some useful note to add and they can comment. I really am not expecting that to happen, but who knows. Anyways as a kid I was fortunate enough to have loving and successful parents who took me to some pretty cool places on Earth, and really shaped me and made me enjoy traveling a lot. Lately in college things have slowed down, which makes sense since family members are on different schedules in different places, and college is expensive, but never the less my parents have pulled off some extraordinary trips in the recent years and farther back, and it means a lot and I could never be more thankful. Well since college is ending soon and I have saved some cash working, I am planning on spending a chunk of it to travel to many countries.

My initial thought is to fish is some cool spots, stay in hostels, try to buy just two one way tickets, to and from the US. This way I can take a flight somewhere, plan to travel by land, boat, and maybe cheaper flight without restriction and only a few of the essentials. I plan to bring a fly rod, maybe two, and it would be cool to catch winter in New Zealand and ski, but not sure how all the gear complications will work out. Anyways I am thinking of heading to New Zealand for their fall, and hopefully fish and hang with kiwis for a month or so. There are some insane brown trout down there and it would be sweet to get after em. After that it will turn to winter in New Zealand and maybe I can land a seasonal job on the slopes, or something of that nature. That would be epic. Then if that goes to plan I would head to Australia around September, check it out, heard they have good salt water fishing, sounds interesting. From there I would like to head up the south pacific and get to Thailand and Laos, heard those two are unreal. I think a few weeks out there would do justice. From there I would like to check out the Himalayas and make my way to China. The Himalayas look spectacular and I must get close, as for China, I have a friend there and I would like to visit Hong Kong. China seems interesting too, perhaps visit some other there technology industry, but Hong Kong seems really cool, and far different from the rest of China. Lastly I would end up in Japan for the tail en of winter, to ski there deep powder tree runs. Then I would head home. Wow that’s a year long trip. I really just kinda of formally made up the trip right now while writing it down, but I have had plans like this in my head all along. I am not sure if I can swing a whole year. I think maybe just a trip to New Zealand would be appropriate, but I really would love the year. Now I am back to earth and realistically I think just a month in New Zealand is doable. First off I have to pay for it, secondly I am looking for a job, a potential career, and I want to land a job with the understanding that I will take a month to travel upon college graduation. Anyways these are my first thoughts on my travel plans after college, not sure what will hold, but so for the initial plan is pretty sweet.