BreakBot – By Your Side

This album rocks, in all its own ways. I fell in love with BreakBot when heard “Baby I’m Yours” they burst with funky retro electronic vibes that nail the sound I look for so much in music these days. They integrate bass, guitar, and other real instruments with an analog synth and electronic drum beat to make new music that captures some essence of many historic genres. The other thing BreakBot seems to do well is they make songs. So many artists today make beats, or partial songs they release and become hits, but I criticise them because they don’t make complete songs. When was the last time you heard a bridge in new music? It is simple song structure that makes music complete, and not a dj act. There used to be a difference between djs and artists, now the border is fuzzy. Good music is getting too closely related to a good party, and that is what has increased the popularity of djing. Well I could probably write a lot on new music, but what good what that do. Instead, check out this album and see if you agree with me. heres the whole thing in one youtube vid, kinda a nice way to listen to it. I do so time to time at work. All the songs come together kinda like a musical, enjoy!