New Apple Products Thoughts

Today Apple released some new things, more specs on the iWatch, a new macbook, and some other cool things I won’t talk about. While I don’t wana say much about the watch because I believe it will be a very cool piece of engineering and I want to wait to try it myself, I have some thoughts on the new macbook. First off, I will say, I am in the market for a new macbook pro. It’s not really in my budget, but my current macbook pro is over two years old, and for anyone developing technology, having equipment over two years old is most always outdated, and slowing you down, so therefor I am in the market..haha. Well what I really wanted to see Apple release is a touch screen macbook, like a surface. That would be cool. I use a Windows 8 based touch laptop like a surface and find it to be the obvious future. Not all situations require a touch screen, but the technology is there, it the option of it really improves UX. So Apple blew it in my opinion. They should have released a sleek macbook pro or air that enables iPad capabilities and touch capabilities. They really is what people need. There is no use for an iPad, craigslist is proving that to be true. Users mostly use their phones over iPads. What the iPad did was it proved that the UX of a touch screen offers is appealing to users. This doesn’t mean it should be it’s own device. Laptops > Tablets. The reason for that is compute power and physical size. But the recent line of macbook’s Apple just released are small and powerful which makes me question the initial purpose of tablets. Apple can clearly make a laptop/tablet sexier than the surface, and I really think they should. People would eat it up, and they could probably charge a premium for it.

As for the iWatch or whatever, I think it will be great. As for the need of an iWatch is still questionable, I am sure that this new product by apple will dazzle people of all kinds. The thing looks like Gucci helped design it, it is damn sexy. The materials used and compact variety of technologies attracts anyone interested in things made well. I would love to follow one getting built from the ground up. I recently got geeky with embedded computers and oh wow, I bet the dev process for this watch was something else. The collaboration of specialist was probably renown, either that or there was one person, most likely European, who was a complete grok at hardware, software, fashion, watchmaking, and whatever other skills necessary to make this work of art. Either case I can’t wait to see the watch. I will most definitely not purchase the thing, I don’t even have an iPhone, but I will get my hands on it and possibly share my thoughts. Concluding this post I have to admit, despite Apple blowing it and not releasing a laptop/tablet, I am still “in the market” for a new macbook pro.

check out the specs here