Eminem – The Only Rap God

Okay so first off, I wanna squeeze this in this post, I just finished my last class at the University of Oregon. I am stoked!! took a bit, but I can finally head home and knock off the last of of it in the place I love most, the bay area.

Okay thats enough..

This post is for a couple reasons, but the main one is Eminem is one hell of a raper. He has so much talent and skill, I don’t understand why people don’t admit it. He has the ability to say things more complex than any other raper, he just comes off a bit angry. He should be so much more popular, its hard to explain. But because he is so good at rapping I have three more reasons to make this post.

Over christmas break i visited Mexico. Before my trip I dug up an old 160 GB iPod classic to bring with me, actually a nice find because these suckers are discontinued by apply and are going for lots on ebay, see here. Anyways the ipod had lots of old tunes on it from when I was in high school… those seemed to be the times when ipods most popular, 06-10. Not sure if it was the era or age group but they were so much more popular then. Using mine now feels like a old technology, but very refreshing for some reason. It is interesting how it feels nice to take steps out of more complicated technologies. Having my music in itunes, and making new playlists for work has become my new thing since I resurrected the ipod, and it has made me feel a lot more excited about music. Well digging up the old ipod lead me to rediscover Eminem. Not that I forgot about him, but I hadn’t listen to his tracks in detail in a while, and it was so nice to hear them again. From hitters to songs that never made, all his rhymes are worth listening to, and can be pretty funny at times. His crudeness allows your imagination to unfold and let Marshall Mathers walk all over it. Sure its disturbing, but for some reason, its good and I like it. Kinda like how everyone like the new series House of Cards on Netflix, yet its main character is a murderer who is also the president of the US. So if you have any old Eminem lying around on a hard disk… Fire it up, dust off your ipod, and load up a nice playlist of the real slim shady, and see what I am talking about.

The second reason I am posting on Eminem is because I recently saw his Facebook profile get active. Something is going on and he is making a comeback to the public’s eye. He suddenly posted a bunch of stuff which flooded my new feed because of a friend. I know I sound like Cartman on South Park, but the reality is that social media used so much now that it can be used as a reliable source. Since I just finished my business minor I will share some things I was taught in a marketing class. Social media campaigns are some of the first advertisements in marketing campaigns. Since Eminem is such a big artist, I am sure he’s got the best marketing team outlining his re-arrival to the rap scene. This might mean that he’s gona drop an album or maybe more. I could be wrong though, I have not done proper research.

The last reason I need to speak out on Eminem is because of this here. I googled Eminem to see if there was anything recent on him, and this was what I found. Don’t get me wrong, Action Bronson is pretty cool, I have watched several munchies episodes featuring him eating Caribbean barbecue, it’s very entertaining. But to call him the rap god over Eminem is foolish. The two are on different levels, so this will not get any more discussion.

Well to conclude this post I need to leave you an Eminem song. So here, Enjoy!