Marin County Bass Fishing

I’ve always been into fishing, but I have definitely taken some breaks, some longer than others. I fished a lot with my grandpa, Gramp, he was a pro at fishing. He passed when I was in the 5th grade, and I fished a lot less since then. My brother got into fly fishing right after he passed, but that somewhat discouraged me. When I got to college in Oregon, I started fishing a lot. It started meeting a great friend, Kiel, who taught me everything about bass fishing. He is from San Diego, and really knew all the tricks to bass fishing. He taught me so much, but the most important things he taught me that got me hooked on fishing again was:
– fish the senko
– find small bass ponds to fish (preferable on private property :))

These two secrets or tricks will get you hooked on catching fish, and you will catch a lot of fish. Anyways, if it was for his expertise and passion, I am not sure I would be as into fishing, or fly fishing as I am now. Of course Gramp planted the seed at a very young age, but Kiel definitely contributed, especially to my bass skills.

After learning a thing or two about bass fishing, I cam back to Marin County (where I grew up) looking to fish each summer. I started with the basics, small ponds and senko, and it only grew from there. Granted I still pretty much only fish a senko, I have graduated to some larger lakes in Marin County. This post seems like something I could write a lot about… the evolution of the bass brigade. I am tired right now and really just want to share some photos from Marin County Bass Fishing.















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