Oregon Coast in the Fall

The Oregon coast is a pretty neat coast. It’s much different from California, and most of the time, you need your rain gear. Something about it is really attractive to me. The scenery is neat, the weather is harsh, and the houses are cheap. Someday I hope to buy a shack there.

My main love for the Oregon coast comes because of the fall Salmon run. From late September to late November chinook and coho charge up the coastal rivers. This happens on the coast all the way to Alaska, but Oregon is much closer and I have been there to experience it.

This past Fall I got my first taste of the a fall run chinook, on a fly, in tidewater. I got a guide in Pacific City and got lucky on the timing. I spent a half day swinging clousers and comets in salty jellyfish infested tidewater, hooking chinook after chinook. These fish can’t resist a fly. My guide, Jack, with Pacific City Fly Fishers is the man, and an excellent guide. He showed me the ways and got me hooked on the fall run. I can’t wait for all again. In the spirit of thinking of Fall, I want to share some photos from last year.