My name is Jack Ziesing, I am a 23 year old engineer, athlete, and outdoor explorer. I like to run in the morning, drink coffee in the afternoon, and build things late at night. I am always delighted with learning new things, and hope to learn my entire life.

When I was a kid I loved to play sports and be outside. In high school I loved lacrosse, football, and soccer. In college I settled into the books and learned lots. I found a new love for computers, and began studying it not only in class, but at home and on breaks. My initial interest was focused on software businesses and some web development. I loved software business could be created from an idea and hard work. The industry seemed much more fair to me at the time. Web development was some of the first code I saw, and it really excited me because I could make a website with my laptop, a concept I really never understood until college. Web dev is still really exciting to me, and really enjoy this field of work. After learning some web dev and object oriented practices, my interests wandered to other fields within computer science. Playing with micro controllers and microcomputers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi lead me to be interested in computer hardware, architecture, and embedded systems. Since then I have explored more into this field with some focus on autonomous quadrocopters, but always excited at the possibility of facilitating embedded systems with web dev and other areas of software.

Working with embedded systems is very different than web development, but to me it seems a bit more exciting and challenging. I hope to find a career that involves both practices, to balance my thought. This is very unlikely, so to be more specific I would love a position focused on embedded systems, but may involve some aspect of web development. The commercial drone industry has so much potential, and the use of a secure and reliable embedded system with a adaptive restful web client would be very valuable in this industry. Part of the reason I have retained interest in embedded systems is because I have got the chance to work with an autonomous drone. The drone is running open source software making it experimental in a sense (not using stable release) and that has made it very fun to work with. This project opened me up to a world of engineering that is like a mountain too tall to climb, yet you keep climbing up. It is fun to see how much I can learn on embedded systems and I hope to continue.

This web site is my personal site where I blog and represent myself. My blog covers some random topics, but I hope one of them is of interest. I sometimes blabber and try to sound like I have a good point, hope nothing is offending, I mean no harm :). Those posts act more as a journal for me than a shot at anyone.. I also have a place to show off some of my projects, and I hope to add a page for tutorials. Thanks for reading!