Node Json Web Token Authentification – a mild walkthrough

So I have no school right now, and some time to explore some interests of mine. Having done some cool node development at work with the use of backbone and cordova to emulate the client on on mobile, I got interested in learning node development. I don’t have a lot of experience with back end […]

A timely video about water

I found this video today on google plus, Adafruit shared it, they always have good things to share. It explains the creation of water with the use of a nice and easy cartoon. It really is interesting, especially with todays water crisis. Makes me wonder if we can engineer something that allows us to get […]

Research at U of O

A week or so ago I was asked to submit an abstract. Having never done so before I googled the structure followed what I found. My first drafted ended up to be way over the 250 work limit, but I like what I wrote because it helps explain my efforts in research at the University […]

San Diego Fishermen Web Project v0

So my good friend and college fishing pal spoke to me a few months back about starting his own commercial fishing business down in San Diego. I loved the idea, and his pitch made it even better. He is after restaurants, and wants to deliver the freshest fish to them in a local sustainable manner. […]

Eminem – The Only Rap God

Okay so first off, I wanna squeeze this in this post, I just finished my last class at the University of Oregon. I am stoked!! took a bit, but I can finally head home and knock off the last of of it in the place I love most, the bay area. Okay thats enough.. This […]

Jungle – Another YES in the world of new music

Jungle has been out and flourishing for a little bit now. A friend of mine (whose an awesome musician) turned me onto Jungle in back in August and I have been bumpin’ ever since. They two songs he showed me were great, especially with the music video to watch too. So to convince yall, I […]

New Apple Products Thoughts

Today Apple released some new things, more specs on the iWatch, a new macbook, and some other cool things I won’t talk about. While I don’t wana say much about the watch because I believe it will be a very cool piece of engineering and I want to wait to try it myself, I have […]

BreakBot – By Your Side

This album rocks, in all its own ways. I fell in love with BreakBot when heard “Baby I’m Yours” they burst with funky retro electronic vibes that nail the sound I look for so much in music these days. They integrate bass, guitar, and other real instruments with an analog synth and electronic drum beat […]

Throwback Beatup Friday @Alpine Meadows Shred

So heres an old video I made with with my contour roam back in like 2011. I just revived my contour road and have been shooting a bit at mt bachelor, hope more snow comes and I can get some footy like this. Something is strangley satisfying about action camera, I totally get why gopro […]