Fun Fact on LED and Digital Signals

For those of you that are like me, pretty bad with technology, but strangley addicted to learning about it, you might be interested in this. LED’s are cool lights and some may have noticed their ability to dim, as some electronics dim leds to show they are low battery, or asleep. To get the LED’s […]

New Category: Travel

Alright so I added another section to the blog, Travel. This category will cover previous travel tips I have learned, reviews on places I have been, and mainly plans for future travels. I love to travel and always get ideas to visit interesting places and figure the blog would be a good place to journal […]

First day back at Bachy

Well after much uncertainty, I finally got back to skiing this winter 14/15, and wow it is fun! I first was uncertain if I was going to be in Oregon this winter, and then had a few confusions planning trips to bend, but I finally made it back, and it turned out to be a […]

New Host, New Post

Okay so up until this post, all other posts were published from a server I ran at home. I got an older machine from my dad and wanted to play around with linux and ubuntu. After a year or more of that I turned it to primarily my personal web server, to use to host […]

Calculator for sale

UPDATE——SOLD I sold the calculator yesterday. It was easy money lying around the apartment. I do however I could have got more. I sold it for 50, pretty responsible, they started around 130, and trickled down to around 80 bucks new now a days. Anyway I sold it to a fellow in a BMW m3, […]

2014 Only Salmon

Alright this is going to be short and brief, since it happened a few months ago, and it’s old news.. I caught a nice Coho on the coast, as you can see below. That bad boy was caught in the fall on the florence Jetty, first fish I caught on my new Cabelas/Penn 10 foot […]

Intel at CES with drones

So I started watching Intel a lot more since they were at CES last year and reveled the Edison, I posted about it here.  It was pretty cool, and I even saw it at U of O when the creator came to show it off.  His name is Michael McCool, I think he is friends with […]